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25 February 2017
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26 February 2017

Tired and sleepless


Cold awakened the body , warmth helps for sleep

Tiredness and sleeplessness are coming through a cold body. If you have a cold body, body becomes weaker, then you get tired. Warmth is energy to keep body healthy.
Insomnia is the signal when the brain feels cold.
Because the body (internal or external conditions) is cold, his head and brain are cold as well.In this cold and slow stimulation, the brain always remains sober, which results in hard to fall asleep, or light sleep or wake up too easily, so that insomnia occurs.

Many people suffering sleepless has thick berry. Cold body’s digestion is slow.
Big berry after meal push lungs and heart, so that body don’t get enough air and pumps of the heart. This makes sleep difficult or have a nightmare.

The use of WarmHerbs leads inside the body warm. When you get good temperature inside the body, blood & nerves circulation shall run well until the brain. Then you fall back to sleep easily. The body becomes also healthier and stronger, so that complaints like tiredness disappear completely.*

* (Results may vary, we can not give any guarantees)


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